A brand-new season of the much-anticipated Outlander series will begin in September of 2017. The fourth year of the Outlander inspired yarn club in 2018 will pull inspiration from the newest episodes of Season 3. Each shipment will feature Canon Hand Dyes yarn and Spark! limited edition stitch markers and project bags.

Club packages will ship four times a year with packages shipping every three months. For the fourth year of the club there will be two club options to choose from: BASIC CLUB and LUXURY CLUB. Details revealed with the October club shipment including yarn base details and pricing here on the Spark! web site.

In the meantime you may sign up to reserve your space by purchasing the exclusive Binkwaffle project bag (inspired by the final club colorway of the 2017 club) — a $45 retail value available for $35. All members who sign up by pre-ordering and reserve a club spot (the club has sold out 3 years in a row) will receive a discount on the club price and free shipping on the bag shipment, a $37.50 savings.

Thanks for being a club member!


The Paris Collection

The Paris  Collection
 ($15 savings over purchasing individually. Yarn not included.)

The Yellow DressThe Yellow Dress:  This stunning costume designed by Terry Dresbach was worn by Claire Fraser while having tea with “her ladies” as Jamie called the high society Parisian ladies. We again see Claire in the dress when she visits to see Master Raymond in his apothecary shop. The Yellow Dress served as Amy’s (of Canon Hand Dyes) inspiration for the final skein of the 2016 Outlander inspired yarn club.

The dress and Canon Hand Dyes’ yarn inspired The Paris Collection of knitting accessories.

Premiering now on the Spark web site!



The Paris Collection

Useful Occupation
Custom Double Double by ChickenBoots
Custom Single Zippered Project Bag by YarnPop
Custom Double Zippered Project Bag by YarnPop
Ladies Tea
Custom Stitch Marker Pouch Handcrafted by ChickenBoots
Very limited number available for purchase separately – $40 + shippingVery limited number available for purchase separately – $25 + shippingLimited number available for purchase – $35 + shippingLimited number available for purchase – $15 + shipping
Large see-through project bag. with interior pocket showing the contents from the outside. Lightweight making it ideal for everyday use. Pack it flat for a trip and fluff it up upon arrival. Sturdy enough so needles and scissors will not poke through. Measures: 6” x 7” base, 13.5” overall height, 7.5” vinyl height.The Single is great for smaller projects carried in your purse or computer bag. Perfect size for socks, hats, scarves and wristlets. Canvas on the outside and soft cotton on the inside, this bag will keep yarn and small projects safe from harm. The industrial YKK zipper keeps things secure and the single grommet gives access to the yarn while the bag is shut. Dimensions: 8”x 8”Knitting two-color stripes or two socks at a time? The Double has got you covered! Carry two skeins of yarn, side by side, and keep them organized by using the two grommets on the front. Fully lined with a solid canvas exterior, and soft cotton interior. An industrial YKK zipper keeps everything secure while in transit and provides a fun pop of color. Dimensions: 11”x8.5”Zippered Pouch. Holds oodles. See-through front. Perfect for holding Spark! stitch markers. Measures 3” x 4”.

Custom Spark! Stitch Markers | Designs by Romi Artesian

Numbered Locking MarkersUn-Numbered Locking Markers
stitch-markersLocking Stitch Markers
20 numbered locking markers* + 3 jeweled markers on square markers** and two silver charm markers**
$25 + shipping ($2.50 shipping)
20 un-numbered locking markers* + 3 jeweled markers** on square markers and two silver charm markers**
$15 + shipping ($2.50 shipping)

*All locking markers | Fit up to US10 needle
**All square snag-free square markers | Fit up to US7 needle

Stitch Marker Options (includes shipping)


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