Did you miss out on the first two years of Outlander inspired yarn club? We are excited to announce we’re planning to host another club in 2017!

Interested NEW club members and current club members can pre-order an exclusive members-only knitting accessory inspired by Outlander created by Chicken Boots and reserve a space for the 2017 membership when the new club opens later this year: $38 (includes shipping).

NOTE:  Club members who pre-order will receive a discount when paying for the 2017 club when full club details are announced. (Read: exciting new plans in the works.) The yarn and pattern club will feature character-inspired yarns dyed by Canon Hand Dyes, stitch markers and other goodies. Sign up here if you would like to receive notifications about the club and other Spark! updates.


Custom Spark! stitch markers designed specifically to work with Romi’s Artesian shawl.

Choose one of two styles –

Numbered Locking Markers

  • 20 numbered locking markers* + 3 jewelled markers on square markers** and two silver charm markers**
  • $25 + shipping ($2.50 shipping)

Locking Stitch MarkersUn-numbered Locking Markers

  • 20 un-numbered locking markers* + 3 jewelled markers** on square markers and two silver charm markers**
  • $15 + shipping ($2.50 shipping)

*All locking markers | Fit up to US10 needle
**All square snag-free square markers | Fit up to US7 needle

Stitch Marker Options (includes shipping)

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